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The Rhythm

We’re now into week three and there is a definite structure to our homeschooling approach. I was a bit unsure at first what our days would look like - would they be very uniform, forgiving, or all over the place? My thinking was that with two young ones, it would probably be more all over the place but we have managed to keep a rhythm.  Mornings in our house are usually spent devoting ourselves to “schooling” time, which does not resemble the institutional idea of schooling what-so-ever, and I’m comfortable with that. I bounced around a lot wondering if we should invest in desks, have folders with names, and designated work area, but I have to remind myself that Myra is barely 3 and preschool age is all about make believe, imitation, engaging and most importantly reading.

With all that in mind, this is how our week mornings are structured (loosely):

Mondays: Library day

Tuesday: Arts and crafts day

Wednesday: Make-sure-we-get-out-into-nature-day (very important once winter comes that we maintain this!)

Thursday Catch-up-on-chores, while the kids play, day

Friday Baking day 

Saturday and Sunday Family days

 Baking day in our household. Can you tell she’s still in PJs? Learning still happens in PJs!

Obviously there is a lot of room for flexibility. Myra has really been into arts and crafts lately and has been asking me to do some projects with her when Reid is taking his nap. And then there are the days that a mix of almost everything happens, minus the chore part. 

I’ve really been trying to focus on being with the kids more and not worrying about the housework. That’s a challenge for me, yet at the same time, I’m beginning to get weepy about Myra turning three in November. They truly are only little for so long. 

What does your rhythm look like? Are you very structured or lenient? Do you break activities down daily, weekly, monthly? 

  • 20 September 2011
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